Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zoupa di Pollo da Giovanucci D

I’ve been eating a lot of chicken soup lately. 
I’ve decided to skip the canned Campbell’s soup and try something else. 
So I bought a Jar of bullion and and followed the directions.  Not too bad.  But not great either. 
So I started adding things.   After that evening, I started thinking about other things I could do.  Here’s my first attempt at chicken soup.
1 Frozen Chicken Breast Fillet 5 cups water
1 can Campbells Chicken Soup 3 bullion cubes
1 C Penne Pasta / crumbled 4 Tbsp Butter
Zesty Italian Dressing Chives
Salt Pepper
Start 1 cup of water to boil
Put all the butter into a skillet and slice the chicken into quarters, cook on medium heat turning frequently.
Once you’ve browned the chicken breasts heat over low heat until the water boils.  Once the water boils add the water to the skillet of chicken. Set to simmer.
now boil the four cups of water.  Once it boils add the three bullion cubes.  reduce heat. 
About the time the chicken has simmered about 15 minutes turn the heat off. 
Add the can of chicken soup to the water/bullion.  Add about 1/4 cup of chives. Allow it to boil once again. Add Penne Pasta.
While the soup is heating to a boil remove the chicken from the pan, pour the butter/water into the soup pot.
Cube the chicken and put it into a food processor and process on high for 15 seconds. 
Add the processed chicken to the pot.  Along with a squirt or two of Italian dressing.
cook on low heat for at least 20 minutes.
add salt and pepper to taste.