Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Pittsburgh Steelers, THANK YOU

Late tonight I checked Twitter and saw that James Harrison had left a single word tweet "sorry".  This made me feel so bad for him and his teammates.  It's evident that they feel great responsibility to fulfill the hopes of their fans. Immediately I replied to James letting him know how proud I am of him and his team and how thankful I am for the great season they've given us, their fans.  After that, I thought that there's other messages I'd like to pass on to members of the Steelers team. I don't have all of their Twitter names, and even further, my messages are something I'd like my friends, and the general public to hear.  These men did their best, they took pride in their performance and are committed to giving their fans their best week in and week out.  While they were not successful in achieving their goal of winning this Super Bowl, they were as far from a failure as they could possibly be. I love following this team and it's players and I'm proud to be a Pittsburgh Native and a Steeler fan. 
What follows are messages I'd like to send along to several steeler players. 
Mike Tomlin.
You remind me of Chuck Noll.  You do a great job motivating your players and bring dignity and respect to all Steeler fans.  You give us 100% with humility, pride and distinction.  We're lucky to have you and you've created a spot in the heart of that thing known as "Steelers Nation".  My heart aches for you that Lady Luck wasn't with you on the field Super Sunday.  Great play and great coaching, over time, beat out lucky bounces and fateful throws. 
I'm proud to support a team that is led by you.
While I am unable to overlook the actions of last off season, your play was spectacular this season and it's strange that in a year where your Interception percentage was it's lowest of your career that lady luck left you with two INTs.  Please keep in mind the promises you've made and if you can stay true to the man you've promised to be, successes in your future will surely be plentiful.
I hope you're not too hard on yourself about the fumble.  You're contributions to this team clearly outweigh one mishap. Congratulations, you're a veteran NFL Running Back. You know what a great accomplishment that is.  We're proud of you.
Watching you and the way you give so much of yourself to our city every week makes all of us proud to be what we are. Steeler fans.  Thank you
James H. #92
Your fire and determination is a great example for the young men who follow you.  Please let go of your anger over the NFL fines.  You are so good that you can excel under any rules that they create. This team would not be what it is without you.
James F. #51
As our leader, you are such a huge part of our teams success. I hope you are with us again on the field next year.  If not, if you should choose to retire, you'll be with us forever in our hearts.
That was not an easy kick.  I can't imagine a 52 yd field goal try straight down the pike. I hope you're back with us next year and we find many successful tries.
Jeff... and the whole offensive line.
When Maurkice went down you showed such a great effort and stood in expertly.  You should be proud.  O-Line. You did a great job protecting Ben.  Things are going to be even better from here.
Tonight, again, you carried yourself like a champion.  Your contributions to this team can never be adequately acknowledged. Thank you for fighting so hard to bring acclaim to our team and city.  I hope you're back next year to lead our team to more success. 
Mr. Lebeau
First and foremost.  Thank you.  For everything.  Please return and lead our defense, and team, to even more success. This team would not be the same without you.  There's young Steelers and new Steelers coming that need your coaching.  The Steelers way, something we're all so proud of, includes, and depends on, a healthy dose of Lebeau coaching. 
Willie, Ryan, Bryant, and the DBacks
Hold your head up high.  You are one of ours.
Casey, Brett, Ziggy
More successes are right around the corner.  Shake this off, nothing but pride from us fans for what you give us week in and week out.
You know, media paints the picture that they want everyone to see.  NFL network, and to a lesser degree, ESPN is putting Green Bay up on a pedestal.  This game, with the Steelers turning the ball over three times, was so very close, in all honesty, with the turnovers, the Pack should have ran away with it. With two minutes to go the Steelers could still win. That is a testament to how great our Steelers are.  There's a reason that this game is said to be a game of inches.  The Packers are a fantastic team, so are the Steelers.  The level of excellence of my team is inspirational. 
I’ll take a moment to remind the Steelers Bashers that there is no NFL team with more playoff wins than the Steelers, no team has won more Super Bowls, and no team, since the merger in 1970, has won more divisional titles, nor has any team played in more Conference Championship. While this year, the Steelers championship total failed to grow, their Legacy, certainly has. 
In closing, I’m reminded of the words of Steelers great, Hall Of Famer, Jack Lambert. Here’s what he had to say as he closed his HOF acceptance speech , right before a personal message for his family.  
“I was so fortunate to have played on some of the greatest teams of all time and arguably the greatest defense ever assembled. And finally, how fortunate I was to play for the Pittsburgh fans... a proud and hard-working people who love their football and their players. If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler!”


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